In a small apartment in the city, a woman and a boy live their own secret and silent routines, sharing these not even with each other. They would like to spend time together, perhaps even talk, but he grows up with the animals and the planets, whereas she is always elsewhere.

She remembers a time that may never have happened. A time when she just existed, nothing more.




Written and Directed by Pedro Vaz Simões

Assistant Director Miguel Carranca

Cinematography João Gambino

Image Assistant Telmo Domingues

Sound Robert Brown, Miguel Clara Vasconcelos

Music Anna Heath

Editing Pedro Vaz Simões

Art Direction Joana Lages

Production Manager Alexander David

Producers Fernando Delgado, Pedro Vaz Simões

Cast Ágata Pinho and Eduardo Mosca


Portugal, 2016, Fiction, HD, Colour, 28’31’’